What could be better than sitting down with the world’s leading creative minds and learning first-hand about their processes and inner workings? And if you’re anything like us, the more extravagant and forward-thinking, the better. In this issue of EYEWEAR, we sit down with Sergio Eusebi, co-founder as well as brand & marketing director of the unique Kuboraum brand.

Hi Sergio!
 What are three keywords to emotionally describe your eyewear?
Amazement, authentic feeling, evolution.

Please explain what the name Kuboraum means and where it comes from?
Kuboraum is a syncretism of the German words “cubic” and “room”. My co-founder Livio [Graziottin] liked the idea of having a project which is accurate, solid, square, like a piece of architecture: “kubo”. And I liked the idea to be Livio’s loudspeaker, Livio’s room of resonance! Therefore, we picked “raum”. So within the room of our studio in Berlin, the Kuboraum project was born. Every “mask”, as we call all our pieces of eyewear, is your own “Cubic Room”. Your own intimate architecture where you can shelter yourselves free to live all your identities in the “game of the mask”.

That’s a far-out, creative way to look at eyewear – a game of masks. Where do you take your overall inspiration?
Livio’s work provides a deep background. He was traveling around the world meeting cultures, tribes, artisans. In his work you can find old traditional manufactures remixed together with an aesthetic that’s in between something antique and something coming from the future. Something never seen before! I did study anthropology, human beings; the differences and the cultures are my passion and to work with Livio, creating stories, traveling and creatively tripping is my main inspiration.

What’s the hardest part about designing eyewear?
I think anyone who finds it hard better shall do something else. Livio works really freely and when you see him creating – everything is light, natural and full of emotions.

Which designer has made a lasting impact on you?
Livio Graziottin.

Your products are made in Italy and dreamed up in Berlin: Where does your heart feel at home?
Not in Germany, not in Italy… Just in Berlin.

What attracted to you to Berlin as a location for Kuboraum?
We were both going to Berlin because we were attracted by this city which is still an island. It’s not Germany, not Europe… You have endless space, a sense of freedom, everybody is different in Berlin and not canceling out their differences. Instead, everybody enjoys the differences of the others, because only with the differences of the others we are able to know ourselves. Berlin is a place with more consciousness.

What’s a word to describe the person who wears Kuboraum?

What separates Kuboraum from other eyewear manufactures?
Livio was always an avant-gardiste, so in terms of manufactures we are going our own way without looking towards what was or what needs to be done. Within three years since our brand was born, we developed so many new manufactures never done before which now are part of our identity, of our DNA. Like for example for the Burnt series, or the embroidery of the Evening collection, or how we use the silver and gold in masks and for all the special new treatments which makes every masks unique. And so on… In terms of identity and design, we start from another concepts, we don’t make glasses, we make masks. Our language is closer to the language of art and identity of human beings than to the language of glasses and industrial design.

Out of all the glasses you created, which on is your favorite piece?
I think that the new X6 and M6 models. Then I also love our entire Silver Burnt Collection, because I think it’s the maximum expression of the concept of doing masks and especially of Livio’s language.

What would you be doing if it wasn’t for eyewear design?
I would write a book.

Where do you see Kuboraum headed in the future?
We travel to know our own geography.


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