IC! BERLIN »Exoskeleton« – Science Fiction is Now

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The future looks bright: German label IC! BERLIN is using state-of-the-art 3D-printing technology in pursuit of a new stylistic direction in eyewear design. The recently released »Exoskeleton« men’s sunglasses are blending a number of technological manufacturing innovations with a futuristic interpretation of the classic aviator frame. At first sight, the unique surface structure of the »Exoskeleton« – a cellular arrangement of geometric angles – is reminiscent of science fiction blockbusters such as Blade Runner or Alien. But according to IC! BERLIN’s design team, the geometric shapes emerged quite organically: The intricate cellular shapes are a magnification of the molecular structure of the frame material, raw polyamide, which is 3D-printed into an eyewear frame.
The biggest technological breakthrough behind the »Exoskeleton« is the 3D-printed hinge. The temple now attaches directly into the frame front without a clamp or clip; a technical achievement previously impossible with acetate. The frame’s cellular surface structure could also never have been realized without the use of 3D-printing from extremely light and moldable polyamide. For a secure, contoured fit the frame features built-in silicone nose pads as well as temple tips from thermoplastic elastomer.
But despite all the technological innovations, the frame’s shape stays true to IC! BERLIN’s signature design language: strong, masculine, and a perfect blend of modern and classic. On that note, the ideal wearer of the »Exoskeleton« need not be a space ship pilot. Every self-confident man who appreciates the classics while willing to take a chance on some futuristic designs can go out and turn heads with this unique piece of eyewear.



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