BLACKFIN – New Styles for Summer 2016

Italian label BLACKFIN reveals the new styles for summer 2016 and displays its newest models of ultra-lightweight frames with contrasting colors. The men’s »San Diego BF766« carries large, angular lenses, while the double bridge gives its look a 1970s feel. »Palm Beach BF767«, which has a cat-eye-shape as well as a bold, hyper-feminine frame loaded with retro-chic allure. While the soft contours and big eye-rims make the »Amelie BF763« suitable for any face, »Norman BF768« is a man’s frame with a strong personality.

Blackfin - Amelie BF763 - Col.610 - Side
»Amelie BF763«

Blackfin - Palm Beach BF767 - Col.607 - Side
»Palm Beach BF767«

Blackfin - Norman BF768 - Col.565 - Side
»Norman BF768«

Blackfin - San Diego BF766 - Col.605 - Side
»San Diego BF766«

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