Handcrafted in Japan,
burned in Denmark.

Frames on fire | Ørgreen SS 2017 | Limited Edition

We don’t know if Ørgreen is the firebug of the business, but we know for sure that they burn frames. No kidding!
The Danish brand seems to have a knack for being a pioneer or is it just their soft spot for curiosity that let them play with fire? Who knows… By using a special technique, Ørgreen was able to imprint flames color onto titanium. Well, I guess the frame is on fire, eh? The flames reacted with the Titanium creating a truly special iridescent effect – the colors go from purple/blue to red/yellow depending on the temperature of the firing process. At the end of the day, Ørgreen has created a limited and fire proven edition series of 6 frames – 3 optical glasses and 3 sunglasses. Each piece is unique and will slightly change throughout time and wear.

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