Barton Perreira's new Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

We know, we know – talking about autumn and winter before summer ’17 has really begun is not cool. Yet, it’s not a total no-go since we’ve got a pre-taste of the new BARTON PERREIRA A/W Collection for you. The new glasses reflect the depths of the Caribbean Sea and the Jamaican landscape. Lighthearted, colorful and timeless aesthetic. Further inspirations come from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Take the »Olina« for example. It’s in indirect reference to the famous Jackie O and creates a confident, edgy look. As usual, BARTON PERREIRA got different styles for her and him: The feminine styles consist of romantic, playful, provocative silhouettes stemming from the white sand beaches of Negril while masculine styles portray more eccentric, architectural, utilitarian frames representing the harsh, rugged terrain of limestone plateaus found on the island.

Well and see, talking about autumn and winter got us daydreaming about the summer in Jamaica. So in the end, it was quite cool, eh?

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