ic! berlin or the 3D-printed Summer Vacation for your Face

Fuck the beach. This year, do summer differently with ic! berlin’s new plotic collection, urban. Inspired by the brutalist architecture movement of the mid 20th century, ‘ic! berlin urban’ is a 3D printed summer vacation for your face.
Instead of following the masses to the beach and fighting over 2 square metres of sand, ic! berlin wants you to stay behind and enjoy your empty Metropolis. Go Uptown, go Downtown and feel the heat radiating off the concrete and through to your bones. Is summer in the city your new Utopia, or is it a stifling Dystopia that you just need to escape for seven to ten days?
In the end, it’s all a matter of perspective. For summer17 plotic goes urban with five new models inspired by the beautifully utilitarian brutalist architecture that surrounds us as chic uptown office buildings and dilapidated downtown housing estates.
The ic! Berlin Urban collection is available from authorized ic! berlin dealers worldwide.
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