The luxury brand Maybach has been quite busy lately and came up with five new concepts.

THE OBSERVER I + II – Precision in multiple dimensions

Iconic 60‘s aviator / navigator frame featuring a coined edge rim wire, engraved with a diamond pattern, and a double brow bar, constructed with genuine horn or wood – a unique dimensional effect. Signature details, such as MAYBACH‘s „flowing lines“ and handcrafted horn and wood components, are accented with precious metal plated titanium.

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THE WORDSMITH I + II – Hard to put into words

Fine titanium frames, whose shape and chic remind one of past decades, are augmented with up-to-date style elements. Handcrafted buffalo horn and wood components make an impact while the characteristic MAYBACH “flowing lines” define the lightness of the frame. A further highlight is the delicate open element in the temple end – the design subtly plays in different ways with the form of the famous MAYBACH logo.

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THE OPUS I + II – A striking masterpiece

The striking shape of THE OPUS is effective in both strong, dark shades and transparent smoky hues. The strong front is complemented by fine titanium temples with an engraved MAYBACH diamond pattern. The hinge displays the MAYBACH “flowing lines” – these graceful lines are one of the style elements defining the latest MAYBACH collection. In these models, toning with the colour of the frame front, gold, rhodium or champagne gold are shown off to advantage.

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THE GRAND I – Powerful, elegant and effective

THE GRAND I respectfully nods to the great pilots of earlier days. These sunglasses radiate a strongly defined angularity and expressive power. The expansive surfaces of the front join with detailed engraved titanium temples which display not only the MAYBACH diamond pattern but also the renowned “flowing lines” of this luxury brand. The highlight of this wearable oversize model is the openwork style of the titanium bridge – inspired by the form of the famous MAYBACH radiator grille.

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THE PAPILLON I – Feminine extravagance

Extrovert and feminine – THE PAPILLON I. As the name says, the design is based around the classic butterfly shape. Intricate titanium embellishments on the browline and temples lend these MAYBACH sunglasses elegance and a fresh look. Characteristic of the current MAYBACH Eyewear collection are the temples of engraved titanium, displaying both the Diamond pattern and the coveted „flowing lines“ of this luxury brand.

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