Irene lives in Cologne – and loves her city. She is a singer in her church’s choir, and dons an elaborate costume every carnival season and – much as is the mode of the town – maintains a sunny outlook on life. Additionally, Irene is also Italian and loves Mediterranean food, red wine (naturally) and her mother tongue, which she speaks loudly and expressively. We here at the office listen in awe when she lashes out in Italian on the phone at the construction workers reporting problems from her new residential construction site. We can never make out any of the details, but it sounds like Irene gets her point across and gets what she wants with no protests. With the same passion, Irene handles the accounting and subscriber care for our magazines. And although she only spends 1.5 days at our offices, the independent accountant has become a fixture in our family. On that note, here’s a quick warning to all customers out there who still owe us money: The charming Irene has just taken over our debt collection – so pay up, or suffer the consequences!

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