DANIEL HECHTER: The perfect combination of classical elegance and French attitude

1962, DANIEL HECHTER made designer fashion suitable for everyday life. He was the first fashion designer to create a Pret-á-Porter-collection. The French “savoir vivre” is reflected in every single piece of clothing. The DANIEL HECHTER clothing line is designed for people who know what they want and how to get it. Men and women who choose Daniel Hechte rare self-confident, contemporary and open tot he world around them. They appreciate both new ideas and continuity. Fashion is important and hast o under-score their personality. In a world of fast-paced change, the DANIEL HECHTER brand offers the certainty of always being well dressed. High-quality materials and perfect fit are united with excellent craftsmanship and functionality.

French chic, sportive elegance and highest demands on quality

Highest quality combined with the French attitude to style: almost the whole collection features hinges „made in Austria“ by Redtenbacher. The Material TR 90 enable a very precise alignment and makes the frames light like a feather. The complete sunglasses collection is diopter suitable.

The collections reflect trends of the DANIEL HECHTER world of fashion. The women’s collection is both classical and modern and on very effects by color. Subtle Shades and pastel colors such as rosé, sand or olive are in the spotlight. Matt and brushed surfaces as well as subtle combinations of high-quality acetate and fine metals are shown in the current collection.

The men’s collection features classical colors like smokey grey and Havanna. Technical finesse provides suspense.