WOOD FELLAS and nature are strongly bound together. Jan Priepke and Stefan Muckenhirn, who founded the spectacles brand in Munich in 2012, combine natural materials with an urbane sense of style.

WOOD FELLAS spectacles are manufactured from FSC-certified wood with a high degree of precision and attention to detail. Two additional natural resources, stone and keratin (horn), are used in a number of models. WOOD FELLAS effortlessly proves that natural materials and design can be perfectly combined with each other.

The timeless and modern prescription lens spectacles and sunglasses make a clear statement and display the WOOD FELLAS signature with their unmistakeable style. The glasses are harmoniously balanced in design and sit airily on the wearer’s face – that makes every WOOD FELLAS model the ideal accessory. The glasses not only make an impression with their fashionable designs and assured stylishness in use of materials, but also ensure top quality with precise and elaborate workmanship.

Anyone with a passion for design and quality but who also values durability should take a closer look at WOOD FELLAS.



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