10 Questions: Andreas Malathounis

What are five keywords to emotionally describe your eyewear brands?
Passion, Love, Identity, Expression and Mysterious

Who is one celebrity you would like to see with your glasses?
The Mother of Germany, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor.

Where do you take your overall inspiration?
Well, for me as a Greek it is not that trivial to explain this in a short sentence. The Greek Ancient history was always a great inspiration to me. The aesthetics of the sculptures and the beauty in their monuments and architecture. A daily companion for me are the theories of some of the greatest philosophers like Platon or Homer. Especially Homer’s „Ilias“ or „The Odyssey“ is a great piece of poetry, which if you transmit into design, you start from a scetch and you sometimes end up at something totally different, but during these adventurous journeys your inspiration shows you many ways to go for. But my greatest inspiration is my Love!

What were some of the most important milestones after founding the company?
To reach my self-imposed milestones.

How many pieces of eyewear have you created so far?
I never counted them, but I have designed for my own eyewear label and worked with a lot of natural materials like genuine horn, amber and lizard skin combinations. Besides of that I have designed eyewear and accessories confidentially for other brands in the fashion and other industries. So a nice number of pieces which I am keeping in my scetch books to follow up the different design processes over the years.

Whats the main attraction of eyewear design to you?
Extravagance paired up with a certain sign language, style and a magical twist.

What´s the hardest part about designing eyewear?
Just designing a frame is not the question. Eyewear has to have a certain identity, story behind and in itself, that people want to be a part of this passion and interpretation of an idea.

Where do you get the inspiration for your creative design work?
During my vacations in Greece, when I am able to touch the beautiness of the landscapes, white beaches and the deep blue mediterranean sea.

Which persons has made a lasting impact on you?
Don’t make me choose. For sure my mother, she died too young and my beautiful wife. She’s the greatest impact in my Life!

What separates your labels from other eyewear manufactures?
They separate from conventions and explore new paths.

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