10 Questions: Assaf Raviv from pq eyewear

Which brands do you prefer? Who has inspired you?
Apple, Beats, Lindberg, Prada, Steve Jobs, Ron Arad, Michael Jordan.

Do you remember the first time you came in touch with the field of eyewear?
20 years ago, I got a package of frames from my cousin in Atlanta, they were really ugly and lousy quality, but somehow I thought that I can do better

Tell us about the first collection you designed?
I invented a collection that called Schwabisch Gmund, it’s the name of a very small town in Germany, it was very difficult for me to read it so I decided to challenge my customers more than the others.

How has your creative process evolved over the course of your career?
Being creative is a better and interesting way of reaching from A to B.

What is the biggest challenge for an eyewear label?
The biggest challenge is to distinguish itself from the rest in a way that everything will recognise it from its design and uniqueness but at the same time to be comfortable.

What will be important for the future of the eyewear business?
The most important thing is to try to be creative and to use new technologies, rather than making the efforts to bring the retro again and again.

Your biggest passion?
Scarlet Johansson

How many pairs of glasses do you own, personally?
As many as in my inventory…

Who’s the most important person in your life?
My wife and my 3 adorable children

What do you see yourself doing at 70 years old?
Jumping from NY, TLV, London, Paris and the Maldives.

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