10 Questions: Dieter Funk

I love your sunglasses! Which brands do you prefer? Who has inspired you?
Off course the brands we carry in our stores otherwise I would not have bought them. Like Rolf, Götti, Mykita, KBL, Orgreen, Kilsgaard, Kuboraum, WAITING FOR THE SUN, Masunaga, Andy Wolf and a big range of „Original Vintage“. In the beginning of my career (1984) in the eyewear business I was inspired by Alain Mikli. The colors, shapes – this all was quite new and fresh in the beginning of the 80´s. Later I have got my inspiration out of the music and fashion scene.

Do you remember the first time you came in touch with the field of eyewear?
Oh yes. It was in school, in the 4th class, I was 10 years old and I was sitting in the last row of the classroom. At that time it started to get popular that a eyedoctor was visiting schools. He found out that I was „shortsighted“ and that must be the reason that I was not so good at school. I got a pair of glasses. Finally – it was not the reason…

Tell us about the first collection you designed?
The first frame I made myself was during my education as optician. The first collection I designed has been the first Freudenhaus collection together with a friend of mine from New York (James Ko) and Stefan. This was in the beginning of Freudenhaus where I have been a shareholder. After I stopped working with Freudenhaus I created the first FUNKsunglasses collection. This collection was so crazy that these frames have been almost unwearable – BUT – we succeed – somehow.

How has your creative process evolved over the course of your career?
As more knowledge you get as faster it goes. As older you get as more experience you have. Since I have my own manufactory things go way faster because if catch an ‘eye-dea’ I am able to go straight in the manufactory and start to „make“.

What is the biggest challenge for an eyewear label?
To be close at the consumer to reach your target group right in the center of their hearts.

What will be important for the future of the eyewear business? 

To create and make real products. To be able to answer every question a final consumer might ask you. To respect our environment. That eyewear will be more and more an essential part for all fashion lovers.

Your biggest passion?
To start my own manufactory. To start almost at cero was a big passion.

How many pairs of glasses do you own, personally?
Before you asked me this question I had no idea – so I counted and now I know: I own by myself with my prescription 38 pair of glasses.

Who’s the most important person in your life?

My wife and Partner Sashee Schuster and of course my father.

What do you see yourself doing at 70 years old?
Creating eyewear wherever I am…

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