10 Questions: Moscot

What are five keywords to emotionally describe your eyewear?
As a fifth generation Moscot (5G), I would describe our eyewear as authentic, classic, timeless, honest, and fun.

Who is one celebrity you would like to see with your glasses?
Fortunately, we have many celebrities who are fans of our brand and wear our frames, and being in downtown NYC, many who visit our shops. We are so thankful for their patronage. But, we treat all our fans like VIPs!

Where do you take your overall inspiration?
We draw overall inspiration from our nearly one hundred-year history, paying close attention to the integrity of classic, timeless design, daily interaction with customers in our shop plays a significant role as well.

What were some of the most important milestones after founding the company?
My father, grandfather, great grandfather, and great-great grandfather may answer this question differently, but for me, it’s not about one specific milestone. Instead, it’s about ongoing decades of hard work and customer service that the Moscot family, and MOSCOT family, have provided to our fans.

How many pieces of eyewear have you created so far?
Days after acquiring my fine arts degree, with a focus on product design, I walked through the doors of MOSCOT. While still in school, I spent time handcrafting and building frames out of different materials to better understand the construction and qualities of eyewear design. Since becoming a designer at MOSCOT a year ago, I have collaborated on the design of seven Collections.

Whats the main attraction of eyewear design to you?
Connection. Having grown up on the sales floor of our NYC Shops, I understand how important and complex the relationship can be between people and their glasses. Something worn on one’s face everyday becomes part of who he or she is, changing his or her self-perception, and the perception others have of him or her. Eyewear makes an incredibly powerful statement about identity, fashion, and design.

Whats the hardest part about designing eyewear?
The hardest part about designing eyewear are the self imposed limits — there are so many different directions we can go, yet we must be cognizant of staying true to the MOSCOT language.

Where do you get the inspiration for your creative design work?
I enjoy staying involved in the design world. I constantly read about new forms of architecture, material engineering, and fashion innovation. Aside from things in the world of art and design, I find inspiration for my creative work when doing the two things I love most — playing music and walking 18 holes (i.e. golfing). I find when I clear my mind doing my most favorite meditative activities, creative energies coalesce from the most unexpected places.

Which persons has made a lasting impact on you?
I’ve had an interesting influence of people in my life. My father, 4G – Dr. Harvey Moscot, and grandfather, 3G – Joel Moscot, have taught me invaluable lessons about people, life, family, and trust. My mother has always given me a transcending perspective since she is an artist, and award winning jewelry designer. It has always been the combination of grounded family principles and artistic exploration that has pushed me forward in a responsibly creative way.

What separates your label from other eyewear manufactures?
My great-great grandfather Hyman started selling eyeglasses from a pushcart on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the early 20th Century. Then my great grandfather Sol (who I was named after) joined the business, followed by my grandfather Joel, and my father Harvey. As fifth generation, I feel that there is a unique understanding that MOSCOT possesses when it comes to eyewear. Our longstanding “brick and mortar” Shops provide a tangible environment not available in today’s digital world, which people appreciate when making a decision about what to wear on their faces. I have pride for, and appreciate the love that my family has for eyewear, and I think people who wear our frames can feel this!

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