Of-the-moment Danish designer label BLAC heats up Fall ‘14 season with a surge of new lines, colors, and materials. Witness the style and craftsmanship behind the latest Blac Graphite, Blac Alu, and Blac Blood models.

It’s been seven years in the making, now Blac Blood is here! This ultra-cool red colorway took tons of research until it met the Blac desig department’s strict requirements for carbon fiber coloring. New full carbon models Tipper and Ponto feature the blood colored temples.


Switching things up, strong>Blac Alu frames offer a blend of an aluminum front with carbon fiber temples. Blac Alu comes in four new styles: Female models Simone and Sanna and male models Milton and Barone. Available in black, navy, bark, burgundy, stone, ruby and violet.


Cold weather season is getting the heat treatment with BLAC’s new Blac Graphite frames. The entirely new graphite material is a refinement of carbon fiber, marked by a unique grey color with a smooth snakeskin finish. For the ultra-hardened surface, carbon fiber fronts are heated to 3,000 degrees Celsius/5,400 degrees Fahrenheit (volcanic magma is only around 1,100 Celsius/2,000 Fahrenheit). It gets no hotter!

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