From Russia with Love: R E T R O S U P E R F U T U R E x Gosha Rubchinskiy

SUPER by Retrosuperfuture® is a leading brand producing outstanding contemporary eyewear. Founded in Italy in 2007 by Daniel Beckerman, SUPER has become highly popular for its eclectic collection of colorful acetate sunglasses. SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE® now stands as one of the most dauntless contemporary eyewear brands, incessantly reinventing the way in which sunglasses should be designed, manufactured, styled and ultimately worn.


Since its inception, SUPER’s goal was to develop high quality eyewear, with a distinctive design at an affordable price. SUPER’s founder Daniel Beckerman explains the initial idea that has since guided the brand’s every choice:

“All the companies that were in the market were developing boring eyewear. I kept looking at all the experimental independent clothing brands and wondered why no one had yet dared to develop a quirky, bold line of eyewear. I wanted to design sunglasses that all my friends would love to wear: fresh, hip and stylish, without necessarily compromising the quality. Also, I think the success of a business is never done by a single person but with the collaboration between talented people, and I have been so lucky to be surrounded by many, such as my brother Simon, from which I have learned so much, and the precious collaboration of Sean Beolchini, but also many other great people that believed in my ideas.”

Following a successful first collaboration released in 2017, SUPER returns with the second project developed with Russsian Designer Gosha Rubchinskiy. For their upcoming SS18 collection, SUPER and GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY gave their two iconic SUPER silhouettes, the IGGY and the WIRE, a new wip. Characterized by sharp metallic hues and sophisticated colored lenses, the super / gosha rubchinskiy 2018 collection brings together the aesthetic of both brands. Building on the first SUPER / GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY series, which featured acetate pieces, this new line are strictly full-metal designs, with sharp slender frames and freshly paired color finishes.


The ultra-light wire is characterized by its minimal, almost invisible metal structure, roundesque lenses, flexible nose bridge and essentially straight temples finished off with comfortable acetate tips. The metal wire plays with a selection of cool and warm tones as well as material. the first version features a shiny chrome metal matched with tinted lenses in pink. The second model pairs a classic deep green lens with a sophisticated shining blue metal. The eyewear all feature custom-designed packaging, with dedicated branding inscriptions on temples and lenses.


The Iggy is a sharp cut aviator. With its broad metal frame and large rectangular lenses, in a selection of anodized metalwork. The iggy is designed in two versions, the first is a red metallic chrome paired with soft tinted warm lenses and a slight silver mirror reflection. The second version is a vibrant dark green metallic finish matched with a technical orange tinted lens. The eyewear all feature custom-designed packaging, with dedicated branding inscriptions on temples and lenses.


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