Vava Capsule Collection – Inspired By Architecture

When Architecture meets Fashion

The Portuguese eyewear design brand VAVA Eyewear has launched a capsule collection of three models designed by Portuguese architect Àlvaro Siza Vieira photographed outside the Santa Maria church in Marco de Vanaveses, Portugal, one of the architect’s most iconic works. For the opening of the 16th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, the frames have been shown within the ex-Santa Maria del Soccorso Church in Venice together with the photography exhibition “When Architecture meets Fashion” with minimal staging, reflecting the brand’s futuristic aesthetics.

Since VAVA Eyewear is very much inspired by Architecture, the collaboration with architect Àlvaro Siza Vieira is an expression of how eyewear uses the human face as a landscape for creating frames, which become “a mechanic part of the body”. Two limited edition models, plus one unlimited model display the typical sophisticated, contemporaneous and urban look of VAVA eyewear. Subtly futuristic the brand’s unisex philosophy gets clear portaying the timeless, monochromatic, minimal silhouettes.


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