An Ode To The Passing Of Time // KALEOS Turns 10

This year KALEOS embarks on a journey of exploration, reflection, and celebration as it marks a significant milestone – a decade of setting trends and defining eyewear fashion. The unveiling of the Spring-Summer collection serves as a poignant tribute to the brand’s rich history, encapsulating the essence of the past 10 years. Titled with purpose, the collection resonates with the passage of time, embodying the very spirit that has fueled KALEOS’ evolution. A true visual feast, this collection stands as the brand’s most extensive to date, offering a kaleidoscope of shapes and styles that narrate the story of KALEOS’ remarkable journey.

For women, the collection boasts 30 captivating new styles, comprising 18 sunglasses and 12 optical frames. Meanwhile, the men’s category introduces 12 distinct styles, featuring 6 sunglasses and 6 optical frames. More than just a collection of frames, this Spring-Summer release is a living retrospective. It gracefully honors the brand’s growth over the past decade, offering a testament to KALEOS’ dedication and creativity. As a brand, KALEOS recognizes the beauty in evolution, and this collection pays homage to the fundamental aspects of its identity – the beautiful shape. From reinterpreted classics to avant-garde designs, each silhouette tells a unique story. In a bold move to redefine beauty standards, the accompanying advertising campaign features elderly models who embody the brand’s intention to glorify maturity in all its beauty. This artistic choice reflects KALEOS’ commitment to challenging conventional norms and embracing the timeless elegance that comes with age.

Reflecting on the past 10 years, KALEOS acknowledges the role of innovation, style exploration, and the navigation of different eras in shaping its identity. However, above all, the brand remains steadfast in its commitment to constant progress. Sensitivity to beauty is at the core of KALEOS, and it takes pride in provoking it – a philosophy that will undoubtedly continue to drive the brand forward in the years to come. As KALEOS enters its second decade, the legacy of style, identity, and beauty continues to unfold.

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