The light of dawn, the play of colours on the rocks, the smell of fine sand – the Paraiso Motel a Miio x Andy Wolf collection captures the light, the colour and the earth of magical Portugal and turns them into small and large marvels. Motel a Miio x Andy Wolf attach great importance to sustainability and local production. Both the ceramics and the glasses are 100% handmade and produced locally in Portugal and Austria.

The special lens shape of the Adam sunglasses was the inspiration for the fine elegant Adão tray. The sensual shapes of the ceramics reflect the wave movements of the Atlantic and also draw the curved Andy Wolf frames.

The Aurora vase is in harmony with the Alba sunglasses, which both have the same soft shape. The colours are reminiscent of the morning light at sunrise in beautiful Portugal.

Wear, Open Your Eyes and Enjoy

The Capsule Collection Paraiso by Motel a Miio x Andy Wolf is strictly limited to 500 pieces per shape and colour worldwide. The collection is still available in the Motel MIIO Shop.

Only available for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

If you want to find out more about this prestigious Collab and about Andy Wolf, visit the Website and FAVR.

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