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Andy Wolf launches anniversary collection AWearness – Inspiriert by the brand’s very first frames.

Memorable. Long-lasting. Full of design, heart and craftsmanship

AWearness, a pun with a background

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, ANDY WOLF launch their new independent collection AWearness. AWearness takes us back to the beginning, to the roots. ANDY WOLF started small in 2006, but with a big vision – to combine local, traditional eyewear craftsmanship with contemporary, innovative design.

AWearness goes one step further – in every detail there is a desire for more sustainability. The name AWearness carries ANDY WOLF and at the same time stands for wear and awareness – the conscious interaction with people and

Each frame is full of sustainable details – there is a lot to discover. The glasses are made from high-quality bioacetate, which was let to age naturally for many weeks before processing. Permanent connections were deliberatley avoided so that each part can be replaced individually and the glasses can be disassembled into pure materials.

Each AWearness model is three-dimensional and ergonomic through facets, each component is well thought-out and of timeless quality. With a newly developed temple inlay with an embossed pattern, we have given the frames geometric personality, which is further completed by a perfectly fitted clip-on.

AWearness, combines everything we expect from a sustainable collection – no more, no less.

We believe that many details can contribute to a sustainable whole. AWearness is full
of details, there is a lot to discover.

Unity in Design, Individuality as a Statement

Each of the five distinctive AWearness frames is based on a frame from the very first ANDY WOLF collection. Inspired by their shape and colour, timeless and stylish eyewear has been created that together form a design unit and yet each is a statement in its own right.

Each lens shape is unique and a classic in its own right – there is a round, a square and a trapezoid shape, as well as a Panto lens and a memorable XL frame. Milled sections at the end of the temple make them extra ergonomic, hugging the head and ear perfectly. Facets on the front & temples, and the play with thick and thin acetate, make each of the models an extravagant, three-dimensional companion.

There are ten selected colours per frame. The colours vary for every taste from pure black to classic Havana tones, from cool transparent nuances to desaturated yet powerful colours. Each of the five models is available in every colour variation, meaning that shape and colour are combined to suit every taste.

Each of the five models comes with a matching clip-on with Zeiss sunglasses that offer 100% UVA & UVB protection. The integrated closing block allows blue filter lenses or reading glasses to be fitted. The clip-ons are handmade in France. Like the frames, the design is classic with a twist – the clip shape does not follow the lens but the frame contour. This gives the glasses a new, shapely character.

Beauty in a Box

For each pair of AWearness glasses and each clip-on, there is a matching case made of recycled leather with water-based glue. Both cases are made in Europe and protect perfectly against damage and dirt, making them a perfect companion.

The AWearness frames are packaged in a stylish cardboard box where the material is PEFC certified and comes from sustainable forestry. The boxes are made in Germany.

The cardboard box is decidedly not a disposable product; it can be excellently reused for storing glasses by removing the cardboard insert and placing dividers built into the base.

Included in the set, besides the frame, is the case, a durable AWearness cleaning cloth made of microfibre, a card with useful information alerting the customer to the 7-year availability of spare parts and, if purchased, the clip-on with clip-on case.

AWearness is durable. In every detail is the desire to take a step towards a more
sustainable coexistence.

To find out more about the AWearness collection and check out all the models, visit Andy Wolf.

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