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Ever heard of Styria? It is the home of the handmade glasses by ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR and is known all over the world for its exceptional wine. Not the worst place for the brand to settle down with a newly extended headquarters in Hartberg. Inspired by their surroundings, the Austrians made their very first SOUL wine. This also gave them the idea for their new campaign: to shoot their new eyewear collection at a vineyard!

The Austrian countryside is a place of refuge and retreat and provides the opportunity to experience true nature in an increasingly digitalized world. Due to the local production, the employees of ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR are rooted strongly in the region and value the local and family-based attachment, which is reflected in the new campaign.


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The stars of the photo gallery: the new SOUL glasses 2019, presented by a great friend of the ANDY WOLF family, Roli S., the influencer Stella von Senger with her boyfriend Cecil von Renner and model Runa Hansen.

Brand Profile at Spectr.


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