ANDY WOLF // Heartmade

ANDY WOLF’s guiding principle for the upcoming year is encapsulated in the term ‘HEARTMADE,’ reaffirming the brand’s commitment to the core values of preserving traditional craftsmanship while infusing a contemporary design sensibility and placing a significant emphasis on sustainable production. The brand’s central hub lies in its vertically integrated factories located in Austria and France, serving as the foundation for a collection characterized by distinctive shapes, vibrant color combinations, and an elevated standard of quality.

At the forefront of the collection are the Heart sunglasses and their optical counterpart, model 4811. Crafted from metal with a flat acetate inner ring, the sunglasses emulate the shape of a heart. Meanwhile, the optical version, constructed from thin metal, exudes delicacy and femininity without veering into kitsch, establishing a connection with classic panto shapes. These pieces stand out as highlights within the collection, reflecting the brand’s fusion of traditional craftsmanship, modern aesthetics, and a commitment to sustainability.

photos ANDY WOLF

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