Andy Wolf – One Love

“One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright” …no matter where.
With this infamous quote, Andy Wolf sums up pretty much the entire identity of this photo series. In order to provide the optimal setting for showcasing the new “One Love” collection by the Austrian label founded in 2006, head designer Katharina Plattner took the trip to the small spa town of Bad Aussee. In the spirit of our time, the images present outstanding people and stylistics with a natural, unvarnished aesthetic.
But what could attract an equally young and cosmopolitan eyewear label such as Andy Wolf into this idyllic, natural setting? That’s easy. It’s in the symbiotic combination of calm, beauty and inspiration. And maybe also a certain rootedness in their home culture. However, here are some charismatic personalities showing off the “One Love” collection’s current eyewear styles in an appealing mix between tradition and metropolitan chic.

Cutting edge – we like it a lot.

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