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The Independent eyewear brand ANDY WOLF launches a new campaign for 2021 titled REDISCOVER. The campaign is about looking at what is taken for granted and rediscovering what already exists from a new perspective. Not only has the past year given us a new kind of appreciation for what we take for granted – the Austrian Brand also celebrates their 15th anniversary in 2021. The perfection occasion for Andy WOLF to look more closely at its own values: being personal and approachable as well as uncompromising in our forward thinking.

“In times of uncertainty, we need to rediscover the power of our foundation. It’s time to reflect upon the values that have helped pave our way.”

Tim Tobias Zimmermann

What have you rediscovered?

In addition to the great challenges of the past year, this time has also brought moments of pause and reflection. An opportunity arose to rediscover the existing and discover new things. The new REDISCOVER campaign created by Art Director Tim Tobias Zimmermann in
cooperation with ANDY WOLF now expresses these thoughts: the brand presents a wide variety of personalities in six different stories. Asking the following questions: What was their experience of the past year? What values do they want to take with them for the time ahead?

The main characters include Femi, a Berlin theatre dancer who rediscovered the art of performing when everything stood still. The New Yorker Lili found a new way to express
herself exploring an unexpected way of self-love. The duo Vanessa and Ari rediscovered their love for craftsmanship and founded a brand for handmade ceramics. These and other personal stories will be featured on ANDY WOLF’s social media channels over the coming

We’ve managed to get a sneak peak of one of the videos to be seen soon.

For those who want to follow the campaigns on Social Media: FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and WEBSITE.

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