White Heat is the name of a new purist design concept created by ANDY WOLF around a radical premise: The acetate nose bridge is not only a characteristic design element of the frames, but the main star, breathing a unique sense of soul into ANDY WOLF glasses. The new models joining the collection bring reinstate the nose bridge’s supremacy in a number of different shapes, including oversized aviators, progressive cat eyes, and a full range of proven classics with their signature avant-garde look. The colors of the acetate nose bridges are traditionally chosen in synch with the tones of ANDY WOLF’s metal frames, which tend to reside on the understated side of the spectrum, for instance a cool copper tone.

At first sight, the new White Heat models instantly bring home the fact that ANDY WOLF is making a strong statement, elevating the brand’s design heritage. The new models create, true to the style of the Austria-based label, an effortless blend of bold sophistication and utmost wearability. Their aesthetic is bound to turn heads, while also remaining understated enough for everyday usage. The best of both worlds and a bold step forward, please welcome the recipient of our Editor’s Choice of Issue 21.

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