A sneak peak into the Brand’s Headquarter and Manufacture

The independent eyewear brand ANDY WOLF celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. But who is behind the name and what does it stand for?

ANDY WOLF has planned numerous surprises to mark this anniversary. With the video (here below), the company provides an insight into the headquarters and the acetate manufacture in Austria as well as the metal eyewear manufacture in France.

New Beginnings

A mere idea among friends, that was the beginning of ANDY WOLF. In 2006, the eyewear label was named after the founders Wolfgang Scheucher (Wolf). The vision back then was to keep local, traditional eyewear crafts alive. Thus, the knowledge of manufacturing could be preserved and the manufacture could keep on existing with former employees in Hartberg. In addition, there was the idea of combining the craft with a contemporary perspective, Andreas Pirkheim (Andy) and Wolfgang’s innovative design.


History in the making

For the company’s 10th anniversary, the brand acquired a factory for metal eyewear in the French Jura. This is where the craft of metal eyewear manufacture originated and where the knowledge of this special manufacturing tradition had to be protected and continued.

Today, 15 years later, numerous eyewear models have been created, some of which are worn by world stars. But what is it that people appreciate about the brand so much? It’s simple. ANDY WOLF is personal, approachable and forward-thinking.

In their new video, the people behind Andy Wolf, working at both locations, are portrayed. In addition to the namesakes Andy and Wolfgang, the prototype builder Gottfried is shown, or Saida based at the French manufacture, who paints the rim of the frame with a steady hand. In addition, numerous employees were filmed at work. It’s really them who make every single pair of glasses possible.

At SPECTR, we are happy to have Andy Wolf in our Family and hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we did!

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