KALEOS is pleased to announce the collaboration with ARQUITECTURA-G where shape and geometry are the fundamental pillars. What is better than partnering with architects to explore the depths of shape?

ARQUITECTURA-G  is an architecture studio based in Barcelona, founded in 2006. Their approach centers around crafting bespoke solutions to create architecture that is both humane and precise.

In a unique collaboration with KALEOS, ARQUITECTURA-G  applied their design philosophy to eyewear, simplifying geometry and pushing the boundaries of construction.

The result is a capsule collection of five frames meticulously handcrafted in Japan and made from 100% titanium. Each frame includes an elastic tube for effortless adjustment, ensuring a comfortable fit for any head size.

Sunglasses in silver (C001)

Sunglasses in raw titanium (C002)

Optical in raw titanium (C003)

Sunglasses in black (C004)

Optical in black (C005)

The ARQUITECTURA-G x KALEOS collaboration represents a seamless fusion of their respective visions, with a keen emphasis on perfect geometric shapes.

photos KALEOS

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