“Awakening” – SPECTR MAGAZINE Turns 10!

Spectr Magazine issue #30 Out Now!

What a year. Back when we printed our previous issue, the world was still paralyzed and in shock during lockdown. Brands and opticians were facing many daunting questions. Where is it all headed? Will my sales pick back up? Will I be able to retain my customers? Now, about four months later, the situation has not changed dramatically, at least on paper. The pandemic is still ravaging, as certain parts of the world are facing high infection rates. Meanwhile, some regions that appeared to have overcome the virus are now facing the real threat of a second wave. But what has changed is people’s overall perception of the situation. The New Reality has become… normal. Statistics have lost their terror. Perhaps also because they no longer dominate coverage of the pandemic (depending on where you live). And perhaps because politicians and citizens have learned how to cope with this reality.

glasses: LINDBERG »8586« // photography: Diane Betties

Aside from large events and gatherings of great numbers of people indoors, lots of things have come back to life. Opticians are selling eyewear again, many with a positive outlook while patiently observing the new rules about hygiene. Brands are also noticing their business resurging. The overall mood in the industry is more relaxed. That’s why we have decided to use our new magazine issue – SPECTR #30 – as an opportunity to celebrate our tenth anniversary. Yes, SPECTR is officially ten years old, or better yet, young! An entire decade is a big milestone for an independent magazine, and we’re looking back at tons of history. Over the course of 30 issues, we have printed more than 6,000 photos and countless lines of copy to accompany the world’s most gorgeous eyewear. But we want to celebrate in a more quiet and subdued manner, much like the new kinds of festivities in the real world. Instead of loud gestures, we want to take the time to focus on editorial content and the actual eyewear, as well as the people behind it. Let’s keep moving forward and showcase what the future has in store, namely tons of new interviews and photo shoots!

For this current issue, we’ve conducted numerous high-profile interviews and asked designers and company founders about their personal and entrepreneurial experiences of the coronavirus crisis. And it’s no surprise that many of them tend to respond in a rather calm fashion to the new situation. Some even welcome it, because the mandatory time-out has provided them with an opportunity to reflect on their actions and thinking. Overall, sustainability is emerging as the current mega trend and appropriate response to the situation. This focus on sustainability features front and center across interviews with ROLF, GÖTTI, SALT., LOOK, ECO, LE SPECS, GLORYFY, ØRGREEN, HAFFMANS & NEUMEISTER and HOFFMANN NATURAL EYEWEAR while each brand finds its own angle to approach the subject. And we’re curious to explore every single one of them. We hope that you’ll enjoy our anniversary issue.

The Digital Approach:
Eyewear Highlights 2020/2021

This autumn will be hot – at least when it comes to new eyewear and sunglasses models from premium labels. Many of the best eyewear designers have been working hard on new styles. Here we present to you a bulk of eyewear models – opticals and sunnies –, which you can simultaneously see in the current issue #30 of SPECTR Magazine.


Click here to see all >>>>>


Click here to see all >>>>>

In the new issue of SPECTR you will find QR codes for over 150 products. Just in time for the magazine release we have digitized these glasses and present them on FAVR – Premium Eyewear Finder. Try it out: just use the camera of your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR Code and dive into our digital cosmos. Here you will not only find many photos of the individual glasses, product information and a virtual try-on. We also show you the top opticians in your area where you can get these glasses. Of course, we would also like to recommend our Online Style-Guide (Optical / Sun), which will help you find the right glasses for you.

10 Years Anniversary

For a little trip down memory lane, we’re taking a tour of all our magazine covers over the years. Because over the past ten years, we have been working closely with the best photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists, models, eyewear designers and company founders to make the magic happen every single issue. Time to say thank you for all your support and creative passion. And also thanks to our loyal readers for their attention and feedback, which we implemented sometimes, not always 😉 On that note, thank you for ten years of SPECTR. We could not have done it without your input and look forward to writing the next chapter with you!

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