Barton Perreira, Music and Jamaica

Barton Perreira, Jamaica and Music

This Spring/Summer marks only the sixth season since BARTON PERREIRA went into business, but the young label from L.A. has already built quite a name for itself. The most unique feature about BARTON PERREIRA is that their sunglasses are not mass-produced, like those of countless other labels. Each pair of BARTON PERREIRAs is a handmade luxury product. The current collection has been heavily inspired by music: From Bob Dylan, to Blondie all the way to Bob Marley – every decade has its genre and its musician. And the new collection features a bit of everything…


The Brasco owns its colorways to a trip to Jamaica, and the entire collection actually features a prominent island vibe. Brown Sugar, Concrete Jungle and Stonehenge are some of the colors featured by BARTON PERREIRA this Spring. The Brasco features a metal frame with delicate textures, coated with transparent acetate. These modern aviator shades feature polarized Japanese CR39 lenses.

Style: Brasco --- Frame: Concrete Jungle


Maybe the designers at BARTON PERREIRA encountered some beatiful butterflies on their trip to Jamaica? Who knows, but the titanium frame on the Serene model features an unmistakable butterfly cut. This overall very subtle design in a dark frame with two-tone lenses achieves a very upscale look. A nice feminine model for ladies in search of a subtle style statement for those sunny days ahead.

Style: Serene --- Frame: Black Satin Titanium


The dark lenses and the light-blue acetate frame achieve a wonderful contrast that elevates these glasses into a league of their own. The Windsong also features transparent acetate coating, revealing the inner metal structure on the temples. This model also speaks clearly of the collection’s musical influences: The Windsong pays homage to Debbie Harry, legendary singer of Blondie. These shades offer a perfect blend of yesterday’s fashion with the trends of today and designs of the future.

Style: Windsong --- Frame: Lavenzure

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