BLAC by Bellinger: Lightweight Carbon/ Heavyweight Design

The world of Formula 1 racing was in an uproar in 1981, when McLaren racing introduced the very first race car chassis from carbon, the MP4-1, at Silverstone. Aside from introducing a new material, the chassis was also crafted entirely from one piece, as opposed to the multiple components used in traditional aluminum constructions. The reward for this rebellion against pre-established conventions was an immediate quantum leap in terms of stability and performance that would revolutionize race car design as a whole.

This historical landmark captured the imagination of eyewear designer Claus Bellinger, who came up with the idea of implementing carbon as an extremely lightweight and robust material in eyewear manufacturing. After years of perfecting the process, Claus Bellinger is now reaping the rewards. Bellinger House is known as the home of eyewear brands Bellinger and Entourage of 7 and also manufactures frames from lightweight carbon fibers under the BLAC label that offer outstanding weight savings and increased stability.

As another milestone for carbon, this also marks the first time that carbon is implemented – in entire frames at that – in the eyewear industry. One of the main factors behind BLAC’s success is that their carbon frames can be adapted to individual wearers. This is made possible by Claus Bellinger’s patented principle of a titanium core included inside the temples. The insert allows for bending the temples, which is impossible with pure-play carbon frames.

Due to their unique raw carbon structure, every single handcrafted frame from Denmark is a true one-of-a-kind original. Aside from Formula 1 racing, BLAC also likes to draw inspirations from other segments in which carbon plays a fundamental role. Aside from carbon fibers, BLAC also implements titanium and aluminum in their frames’ front sections.

The frames have garnered a positive response among men with an affinity towards technology and a love for high-quality materials. But BLAC also connects to female customers who appreciate the lightness and streamlined shapes of their frames. Technical, innovative, cool, and light as a feather – plus hand-crafted in Denmark: Will carbon revolutionize eyewear like it did Formula 1?

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