[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Blackfin presents the exclusive Blackfin 24KT GOLD Limited Edition range, a collection of limited, numbered models that give a whole new meaning to the word deluxe. A frame weighing just a few grams embodies stylish design as well as all-Italian manufacturing excellence with a precious finish in pure 24kt gold.

The Blackfin24KT GOLD Limited Edition collection consists of eight spectacle frames in a single colour teamed with pure gold, designed to let the personality of the wearer shine through. Thanks to Blackfin Nano-Plating™ technology, a process employing the principles of atomic physics, it is possible to obtain a layer of 24kt gold that makes this eyewear unmistakeable and the last word in luxury.

Blackfin Nano-Plating™ is an exclusive treatment, patented by this company, in which pure 24kt particles of gold are vaporised in a vacuum, inducing sublimation that enables the particles to be deposited atom-by-atom onto the surfaces of the frame.

This special process makes it possible to create a frame of exceptional beauty that is long lasting and resistant to wear and tear. Each detail in 24kt gold will exude its splendour every day!

Blackfin eyewear is entirely conceived, designed and produced in Italy by Blackfin.

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