COLOURSCAPE | Blackfin 2022 Campaign

BLACKFIN introduces their new campaign COLOURSCAPE – a new chapter in the story of the brand’s growth and maturity. With COLOURSCAPE, the Italians wanted to define colour as a representation of knowledge, awareness and determination. As an expression of feelings and moods. But before anything, colour is what brings to life the new BLACKFIN frames. A collection of vivid tones and bright shades applied on high-end titanium.

In his photoshooting, the photographer Giovanni De Sandre highlights the contrast between the whiteness of the location and the chromatic brilliance of the panels installed in the shots, representative of the dominant hues applied on the glasses. The marble quarry is a familiar but at the same time impersonal place where the models move with elegance in a continuum with the surroundings.

Alike other impressive locations BLACKFIN chooses to feature their new collections, this quarry has a much more intimate meaning connecting it to the brand. It is a place of memory, of a story written by men who for millennia have transformed raw stone into something aesthetically pure with sacrifice and skill. Similar to these hard working men and women, BLACKFIN pours the same craft and dedication into the creation of their collections, encapsulating the technical skill and artistic vocation of generations workers who, with their passion, have turned a raw material into a work of art.

The analogy also works for the material itself due to the profound connection between marble and titanium. Both are products of natural origin that convey a sense of concreteness and solidity. Just like a work of art is created from a single block of marble, a pair of glasses is forged from a single titanium plate. And while the marble works have handed down Italian excellence for centuries, the BLACKFIN collections take the beauty of the most authentic Made in Italy around the world. In finding analogies and thus a deeper meaning in what they do, BLACKFIN takes eyewear to a superior level where each pair of glasses becomes a statement and physical embodiment of a monumental story behind. Thus, by wearing a BLACKFIN it’s as if the wearer becomes a part of that story, forever connected.


There’s a place we know
but can’t quite define.
Here colour transforms the outer world
and reflects on our inner self.
Here colour brings knowledge,
it creates a deeper understanding
and gives us the strength to show who we are.
Overcoming prejudice,
abandoning convention,
breaking the rules.
Here colour leaves no room for compromise,
but inspires brave choices.
The kind that never betray you.
And help you see who you really are.

BLACKFIN – neomadeinitaly | titanium | eyewear    

art direction Studio GDS – Giovanni De Sandre,  photos Giovanni De Sandre & Andrea Sottana, fashion stylist Manuela Mezzetti, make-up artist Alessio Giovannelli, poetry copywriting Paolo Pollipoli

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