BLACKFIN // The Highlighter

Blackfin Drops First Capsule Collection

Tech, titanium and colour

Here’s to BLACKFIN launching their very first Capsule Collection named The Highlighter encompassing the essence of the Italian brand in 3 new and exciting frames. Far from classic shapes and their various adaptions, BLACKFIN lend themselves to a sophisticated style exercise where the spirit of the brand has been driven toward an extreme, iconic design concept.

Three Sunwear styles inspired by a strong 90’s pop culture vibe are turned into a futuristic vision. Squared lines recall the oversize proportions of 90’s eyewear while the neon colour strongly remind us of the 80’s excesses. What barely resembles a wrap, a cat-eye and a classic aviator are in fact three models that might as well be considered as all new shapes, as unique as their looks are – edgy angular frames enhanced by clear neon lines drawn across the bold front, a bit like using a highlighter.

By processing different thicknesses of titanium, BLACKFIN’s favourite material, achieves a sleek look that truly stands out. Using a single 3 mm block for the frame, the streak of colour on the top rim is slightly going inwards, giving the frames more depth. If that is not Keanu Reeves next signature Matrix silhouette, we don’t know what is! A truly extraordinary product designed and created at the brand’s Black Shelter, the company’s new sustainable headquarters, which in itself resembles a time capsule landed from the future!

All three silhouettes come in strictly black with the neon stripe available in five bold colours: Red, Fuchsia, Blue, Yellow and Green. Once again, the combination of colour and the meticulous craftsmanship necessary when working with titanium make these frames exceptional in so many ways.

Perfectly matching the futuristic vibe emanating from the frames, BLACKFIN produces an exclusive photo shoot highlighting the Capsule product features. Dressed in geometric garments wrapped in bands of fluorescent laser light the robotic 80s vibe couldn’t be more modern.

BLACKFIN – neomadeinitaly | titanium | eyewear    

The Highlighter Capsule is available in the online Blackfin shop from April 20th and at select optical boutiques soon. Make sure to grab a pair with your favourite colour and turn many heads this Summer!

Blackfin is among our FAVR brands. For more background info, please read their Brand Profile and discover many more models for you to try on.

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