Year Two of Phase Three (II – III) has been conceived to reach even further beyond Blackfin’s usual vision, with a Spring/Summer 2018 eyewear collection in which the retro futuristic concept blends into a contemporary balance of shapes that plough a new furrow in the personality of the brand.

The spectacle frames anticipate the new stylistic journey undertaken by the brand, a journey that will find its complete expression in the sunglass models created for the summer of 2018.

Alongside the new models that revisit the original Blackfin identity, a contemporary influence inspired by the most current of urban structures emerges in the two frames Bonita Bay BF830 and Ocean Ridge BF831. Gleanings of modernist architecture take form in a special three-dimensional process producing rims with a triangular section emphasised by two-tone colouring. The version for women Bonita Bay has a soft, slightly elongated silhouette defined by delicate and very feminine shadings such as white gold, raspberry pink or burgundy red. The version for men, Ocean Ridge, on the other hand, has an ample square shape expressed in warm shades of black, blue, gunmetal grey or dark brown always teamed with a contrasting colour.

The perfect balance between the past and future can be seen in the two models Elliott Key BF833 and Marrowstone BF832, in which an iconic retro shape, the symbol of an intellectual, slightly bourgeois style, emblematic of a particular era, has now been redesigned using a sophisticated titanium production process in which the slab of titanium is milled on two levels to give the front a two-dimensional volume creating an original bas-relief effect on the top rim. The result is a pair of frames that cleverly blend a 1950s-inspired design with a state-of-the-art construction technique capable of imbuing the frame with futuristic connotations: the perfect mix that is the essence of Blackfin.

Blackfin eyewear is entirely conceived, designed and produced in Italy by Blackfin. All Blackfin eyewear is made of the purest titanium in the world using a production process that for us is a true ritual.


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