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Blackfin inspires and takes on their journey. Let’s us be a part of their constant transformation. On board of their high-speed train through space, design, technology and innovation, we get to experience the essence of Blackfin. For their new collection, they have yet again raised the stakes with a campaign set in the most inspirational setting. The pure white sand merges with the clear blue sky in a true representation of elegance. The silk cloths, lifted by the wind, come to life, creating an atmosphere heavy with suspense and vitality. An almost imperceptible lightness pervades the scene, transmitted by those who have been on an inevitable inner journey and who now, in all naturalness, have reached a state of profound awareness: of who they are, who they were and where they are going.

The die is cast, Year Three of Phase Three has been accomplished: the product, the genuine story and a brand image, which has reached a stylistic and conceptual maturity in the design of its eyewear, the new exhibition space and the latest 2019 communications campaign.

Natural Awareness is not a means to an end, a message coined for the latest seasonal campaign, but the next step in Blackfin’s growth. Natural Awareness is the realisation that the only thing we need to face the future with positivity is to be ourselves, always.

The sequence of shots showcases the new collection of spectacle frames and sunglasses, marrying sophisticated colours with the exquisite but almost imperceptible purity of the Black Edition collection. In the campaign images, the elegance of the Blackfin products merge with the concept of minimal yet utter technical precision and titanium, the material par excellence, embodies their hi-tech and glamorous appeal.

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