BOCCA by FACE A FACE is the name of the new collection, inspired by both art and artist. Always paying homage to the sensuality of the feminine – forming magical yet audacious sculptures.

The newest creations from BOCCA are born. Like a metamorphosis of light, each individual concept varies like color itself. Together they fashion an intriguing yet mysterious Spring 2019 collection where the brand explores concepts of simplicity and lightness fused with the pure and minimalistic.

“Sometimes a detail is nearly invisible when transparent, while other times it is highlighted when colourful,” explains Creative Director Pascal Jaulent and elaborates “the manner in which light and colour intertwine is truly captivating.”

Experience the versatile and feminine expressions of each new concept: Surprising volumes, emerging shapes and intriguing geometric elements – Like a gleam of light, they are gone in the blink of an eye.

Explore the full collection at

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