Bollé: The athletic Flavor

Bollé: The athletic Flavor

For a company such as BOLLÉ, quality and tradition remain leading brand values even after a 120-year company history. Always ahead of its time, BOLLÉ is driving a wide number of innovations and new develepments, always with a strong focus on product quality. Leading athletes like Jean-Claude Killy and Luc Alphand have already worked closely with the label.

The most striking feature of BOLLÉ sunglasses is surely the sheer scope of their selection. There’s literally something for everyone… performance athletes, passionate outdoor sportsmen, or fans of leisurely sunglasses. Even the little ones find their perfect shades in the Eyewear Kidsports collection.

The Snakes collection offers sunglasses defined by future-oriented features. Their fit is very close to the contours of the wearer’s face.

A perfect counterpart to the Snakes collection is the Fusion collection. Their mainstream-oriented style is blended with a high level of functionality. The entire collection is designed with a very casual look – a great fit for every type of man, on any type of day. All models offer a choice between a delicate metal frame and a sports version – it’s up to you!

Performance athletes may find their perfect fit in the Performance collection. These sunglasses shield the eyes even during rapidly changing lighting conditions and always offer a clear vision. They are also highly versatile, letting the wearer focus entirely on his sport – while BOLLÉ covers the rest.

For thrill-seeking athletes who like extreme conditions, the right pair of sunglasses should offer protection from snow, fog and other environmental factors. For a solution, look no further than the Traveres model from BOLLÉ`s Performance collection.

Find more info on all BOLLÉ models at: www.bollé.com

And purchase BOLLÉ sunglasses online at:

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