FUNK looks back to a 21 years business history. An independent label, which was up to be different from the very first and enforce the meaning of craftsmanship and design.
Dieter Funk founded the FUNK label in 1992 and until today he is the company‘s head designer and encoder. In the beginning of the label, the designer made a name for himself with bold big glasses, so called extravagant and „haute couture“.

In 1997 Dieter Funk served the rising hype of adrenalin sports with similar extreme and functional sport glasses.

In 1999 the 3rd generation of sunglasses removed the extreme and a more classic collection enlarged the FUNK portfolio. With the FUNK label, Dieter Funk created a space not only placed in the area of optic, where he can transfer his ideas and visions.

In 2001 he presented a fashion & accessory selection leaned on the label, which was called FUNK WEAR & FUNK Equipment.

Since 2004 the collection „FUNKroyal“ is in the company‘s focus. In 2008 the collection „FUNK Food“ came along and enlarged the spectrum with color and extravagance. Since 2009 correction frames as well as sunglasses are designed and fabricated in the own manufacture, which is situated in South Germany and appears as the company‘s headquarter.

In 2006 FUNK launched the first store in Berlin Mitte.

In 2008 Munich and Kinsau followed with further stores. In 2012 the small & open glasses manufacture in Berlin Charlottenburg came along. Here the label presents the possibility to take a look at the work of a traditional producer of glasses, to find out how custom- made glasses will be manufactured individually for any customer. In addition to the two own collections, the FUNK company is in an amazing position, to take care and represent one further collection. „Sashee Schuster“ is a collection, which lives and enchants by the inspiration of the golden years and the past glamour of the last decades.

2008 the designer joined the FUNK company.

Another project of FUNK exists since 2013. In a close cooperation with FUNK the DIENER magazine is released with a notable edition of 10.000 copies.

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