Complete in their elegance and composition as well as unique through innovation and lightness, the creations of Makellos combine above all the tireless pursuit of perfection in design, technical qualities and comfort. Sophisticated lines, finest materials and barely perceivable technical features combine vision and reality to unique products. Grace and grandeur, comfort and lightness, nobility and understatement are not mutually exclusive. Kaizen – the pursuit of eternal improvement – is a philosophy that is deeply rooted in the Japanese culture. Neither overbearing nor excessive, the continuous quest for optimal product design and performance involves the perpetual incorporation of new findings into the product development.
Even if the creation of perfection will always remain utopian, the creators of Makellos feel committed to this principle, which simultaneously represents vision and promise.

In three product lines, the characteristics of this philosophy are accentuated differently.

The delicate design and extreme lightness of the frame materials provide scope for creativity and the free flow of forces. Gracefulness, freedom and the discreet accentuation of personality are the outstanding features.
The inconspicuous grandeur of the materials chosen for this range – carbon and titanium – ennoble the visual details of the maintenance-free hinge construction. Unadorned sophistication and value are unified in a small masterpiece of innovation and design.
The allure of this line lies in the patented glazing method. The interplay between modern shapes and clear colours sets accents and unintentionally creates novelty.



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