Something that at first seemed as unattainable as the constellation it was named for is ultimately the driving force for MONOCEROS: the natural horn is bent, not cut, with specially developed technology to create the unique bend around the front of the frame.

MONOCEROS – a new dimension of horn glasses.

This eyewear is crafted from one of the oldest materials used to make eyewear. New approaches and innovations allow to create a frame from a single piece of buffalo horn. This ensures that the fiber, color and structure of the horn are consistent throughout the whole frame. By using a wooden hinge, we can keep our frames completely free of metal and plastic. The patented glazing system, which is ideal for horn frames, is an additional highlight.

The exquisite lines and fine, highly quality buffalo horn make every MONOCEROS frame a stunning piece.


The driving factor behind the development of this new manufacturing method was the need to process the natural, non-sticky and non-laminated horn into a frame of a certain thickness.


The MONOCEROS is made from a single piece of horn. This guarantees a harmonious and consistent color and pattern direction over the entire version. The horn of the glasses front is bent by almost 90° around the front end piece. This already makes the MONOCEROS a sensation.


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