Munic Eyewear is a German company headquartered in Munich. Founded in 1991 by the designer and CEO Marcus Riess and now managed by the couple Ari and Marcus Riess. In these days of inferior mass production, people yearn for products that have a handmade feel and have been produced with special care. At munic, clear lines, harmonious colors and style are defining values. The company’s eyewear is fashionable and authentic, the result of a process that pays loving attention to every single detail. For people with style who make decisions based on their good taste. A sustainable design in best quality that will provide long-lasting pleasure. Handmade in Germany, Austria and Japan.

Fashion is constantly changing. This doesn’t mean having to follow every trend blindly. The art is not only to feel trends, but to create them. munic does not follow any trends. munic creates, shapes and designs trends. munic loves all things reduced, unpretentious but never boring. Love of detail – what you see is what you get.

munic convinces with two unique design concepts:

TwinStyle – an idea that is both simple and ingenious: one design – two frames – two different materials. Identical in design, size and fitting but different in style and expression … identical but different!

TwinEvolution – the TwinStyle concept that has been so successful for many years, has been extended for top sellers to Twin Evolution: one shape with an array of small design differences, color nuances, sizes and material variations. Each is a little different, with its own character, style and expression. Each has its own special charm, none better, just different.


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