Urbanity, sustainability combined with authenticity, that‘s neubau eyewear – an homage to creative hubs all around the globe from Willamsburg to Shoreditch. The name of the Austrian brand is inspired by districts similar to those. Neubau is located in the heart of Austria‘s capital, Vienna. It‘s a place where artist, musicians and up-and-coming talents connect. Driven by this urban attitude the team of neubau eyewear unites innovative design with know-how of their experienced parent company Silhouette. The frames are made in Austria from the conception up until the final production. This way environmental standards are kept high.

That‘s important to neubau eyewear since they are on a consistent lookout for ways to interact with nature in an appreciative manner. Using the highly developed eco-friendly polymer naturalPX in a growing number of frames is a step in the right direction. The results are lightweight frames that show high quality and are made of eco-friendly materials, that are ideal for the challenges of everyday life.



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