The new Eyewear Collection for Bad Boys and Gentlemen across the globe

In case you wonder, BRETT is the name of that Brit in the cult series “The Persuaders”, broadcast in the early 70s and played by the great Roger Moore. For those who’ve been around during that time, this should set the scene right away. In the series, his counterpart was a real bad boy, an American self-made man played by Tony Curtis. Together they formed a great match, as contrasting as it was charismatic.

Flash-forward to France, 50 years later, where one eyewear brand still remembers the show and decided to name their brand after it. Not only that, the whole spirit and look of the brand’s imagery and eyewear is inspired by that era and the great on-screen characters that came with it. Charismatic actors from the likes of Sean Connery or Steve Mc Queen who have marked their generation with their rebellious temperament, and their assumed style of “Self Made Men“.

Opposites attract each other – BRETT, somewhere between Elegance and Virility

Contrasts not only spice up relationships, they also make for a nice approach when it comes to design. Combining materials, colours and shapes in a surprising manner, navigating between elegance and masculinity, is what the French brand knows how to do best. 

With as silver lining the look of those daring investigator duos of the 70s and the fast vehicles they drive in, BRETT designs fine shades merging savvy thickness with subtle thinness in stainless steel, titanium and acetate. Uniting what normally works better by itself in a tasteful manner is an art in itself, that the French have perfected over the years. Thus, each BRETT design has both very thin parts and others that are intentionally very thick, thereby alternating between elegance and virility.

Let your helmet on! 

Created in several work steps, each model emanates the coolness of those TV heroes and let the wearers be heroes themselves. High-quality frames, laser-cut from a single block of titanium, BRETT glasses are assembled after being laser-cut and brushed by hand. 

Not only have BRETT glasses been specially crafted to fit easily under a helmet, they also feature a bunch of other clever details:

The titanium or stainless-steel temples can all be adjusted without being heated up, which helps reaching perfect comfort when wearing the glasses. 

The rounded tips assure gentleness when putting on and taking off the glasses, even under said helmet. And the elaborated fit of the frames as well as their lightness lead to great comfort. 

Rivals and Brothers at the same time

Proving that you can be both, a gentleman and a bad boy, rivals and brothers, is the diversity of BRETT’s current collections. The French came up with four collections that focus on the interplay of elegance and masculinity, the duality of titanium, beta titanium and acetate, narrow and wide as well as matt and shiny sections – a contrast that has become the label’s trademark.

Each frame carries the name of an acting legend – scrolling through all models equals reading the cast of a cult film from the 70s. To name a few charismatic figures: Steve (McQueen), Paul (Newman), Robert (Redford) and Clint (Eastwood) – all models are guaranteed to honour the stamina of their heroes and give the wearer the means to become “Neo Heroes” of their own. 

NEO Acetate – elegant and affordable 

Here the contrast beautifully plays out between the acetate front and the stainless-steel temples. The thickness of the rim seen from above contrasts with the thinness on the front. Meet Paul, Bruce and Derek!

NEO Titanium Block Drive – very light with a distinctive look

Inspired by the steering wheels of the 70s, these frames are made of a one piece 100% titanium block, ultralight and very distinctive in their shape and finishing. Niki, Phil and Jim are ready to start those engines. 

NEO COMBINED – Frames with nothing but contrasts

Through thick and thin you will go with these contrasting silhouettes made of an association of acetate and metal. We love the underdog colour combos of Starsky, Steve and Hutch. 


The concept of this collection is the drop one super exclusive piece, the “concept frame” per year. The models are made of the most exquisite materials such as plated gold, Palladium or Ruthenium and sometimes drop as collabs, such as BMW and MotoHeroes. 

All you have to do now is to check how TV literate you are by guessing the full names of all BRETT models and then visit the brand’s website for more information! 

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