Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Collection

Precious and high end luxury.
Calvin Klein Collection – the brand with most prestige and luxury of Calvin Klein, which expresses elegance and classiness at the highest level. Calvin Klein’s noble design with a clear standard is providing a big recognition value. A longtime success story strengthens the position of the Brand and gives reliance.

Modern and chic designs made with high class materials and innovative technology, inspired by the latest fashion. Minimalist designs with complexity build of architectural details, graceful coloring and decent adornments.

Calvin Klein Collection Men’s Fashion
• All of the sunglasses are equipped with the polarizing technology (increased transparency, protection of reflections, 100% UV-protection)
• Iconic, unique cellulose acetate appearance, arranges a consistent look of the whole collection
• Layering of high class materials
• Unique hinge designs

Calvin Klein Collection Women’s Fashion
• No dispensable features, but classy design elements and subtle coloring
• Transparent and keen on details
• Luxury horn-rimmed glasses and cellulose acetate styles with graduated coloring
• Involvement of all material

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