Capital Eyewear – Limited Edition

Quality over quantity … Capital Eyewear writes this philosophy on their flags and processes high-quality materials with innovative technology.
By doing all their glasses in costly manual labour, they keep the control of every single step in the manufacturing process. The philosophy „hand-crafted“ also creates a personal connection not only to the glasses, but also to the customer. This expels every feeling of anonymity – here personal relations are built up.
Relevant to Capital Eyewear is that their customers wear glasses which are Fairtrade, but also artistically inspired. Thus every piece is unique and charged with California feeling. For the coming season the Californians come up with something fine: there is a Limited Edition which is restricted to 25 pieces. With such homoeopathic tins one may safely speak of an artificial shortage. Nevertheless, the buyer is better off to not be short of cash – finally, wood and metal from high-quality walnut made piece of jewellery costs 250 dollar and you can acquire them on the Capital Eyewear website. You can also watch the video on their Website which gives you an insight into the production processes and the development of the collections.

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