Carrera: Snowtech

Carrera: Snowtech

Winter season is here, bringing lots of fresh snow and tons of interesting new goggles. This year, CARRERA will be the official goggle sponsor of the national ski teams of Austria, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan. Their two new models, STEEL and KIMERIK combine technology and athletic design into a package that will appeal to the pros just as much as the hobby winter sports enthusiasts out there.


The STEEL is an all round weapon for any type of weather. It offers fog-proof, interchangeable double lenses that can be switched out depending on lighting conditions. At the same time, the double-layering on the lenses creates a heat barrier while preventing distortions. Anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating on the lenses also guarantee a lasting, crystal clear view.



The KIMERIK offers a soft core surrounded by a hard shell. After all, these goggles are crafted from a unique material called “PUR.” This type of plastic is extremely wear-resistant and anti-allergenic. Meanwhile, the inside of the goggles is coated with soft material to offer a comfortable and solid fit. The KIMERIK also features double-layered lenses. With these two, you’re perfectly prepared for the cold season.


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