Cassius Eyewear iPhone App

New Zealand-based Cassius releases an innovative new iPhone application that allows you to try on the brand’s entire eyewear collection with the swipe of a finger. By utilizing the iPhone’s built-in front camera, you can browse the current range and try the frames directly on to your face. Tap a button to switch to the back camera, and interact with another person.

Straight forward, simple browsing. For even further ease of use, snap and save a portrait directly on to your personal device. Then using the iPhone’s Retina display screen, scroll through the brand’s optical and sunglass collection to find the frame that best suits you. Simple and fun! Save and upload your picture to Facebook and Twitter and share it your family and friends. Want what you see? Use the application’s location services find the closest Cassius Eyewear stockist to you. Just enable your current location, and the application will do the rest.

To mark the launch of the Cassius Eyewear application, we are encouraging users to share what you see.
Get creative. Utilizing the WEAR function on the application – simply snap, share and upload your pictures of how, when and where you would wear Cassius® Eyewear to our official Facebook Page here.

On Tuesday 1st May 2012 we’ll select our top 5 favorite pictures, and send each top 5 winner their Cassius Eyewear of choice.

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