Casual Friday

You need to drop by on campus for a lecture before heading out on your bike tour? You want your eyewear to be stylish enough to go boarding? You’re looking to get an Espresso Coretto after your surf session? In that case, you may need to bring two or three different pairs of glasses in your bag. Or you may also opt for one of these multi-talents. After all, there are some glasses out there that look spectacular in any situation; you practically only need to take them off to go to sleep. Athletic and functional, they also pack a heavy punch in the style and attitude department. Here’s a selection of self-confident allrounders that will have you covered – no matter what you’re getting into.

Oakley «Jury», «Dispatch», «Dispatch II», «Holbrook MotoGP»

POC «Am», «Do», bollé «Bounty», «Rainier»

Scott «Lyric», «Stage», Ashbury «Stella», «Cosa Nostra»

Triggernaut «Transmission», Von Zipper «Drydog», Dragon «Shield»

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