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Hello, Andreas. We noticed a number of cateye styles in your latest “Blutsgeschwister” (German: “Blood Siblings”) collection. What’s the story?
Overall, Blutsgeschwister is basically a very feminine collection. And no other style of glasses supplements the feminine character like this one. Additionally, after all the interpretations of the classic Carré-shape, it was about time to play with something new.

Do you implement this style more in sunglasses than with prescription frames?
As is often the case, the sunglasses were the vanguards to get prepare the market and test the waters. Then came the RX-frames. So people can find both in our collection.

What do you like specifically about the cat eye style?
Well implemented, it’s really an ideal style for girls. The rising lines above the cheek section will shave off a good number of years. Color, frame width and material are also major determinants of whether these glasses will look sexy, dreamy or rather dominant. The cat eye shape offers wearers a tremendous degree of variability. Depending on execution and context, you can quickly turn into “the girl next-door,” “secretary kitten” or “retro vamp.”

What has the experience been so far with your cat eyes?
Whereas the demand has been rather small a few months ago, we are now noticing a significant increase.


Who is responsible for designing your cateye styles?
Karin Ziegler at Blutsgeschwister is more in charge of textiles. Together we discuss themes, colors and materials. The final shape of the frames and implementation of the glasses is my part. Karin is a great fan of cat eyes.

What kind of woman is picking up cat eyeglasses?
You can’t really pigeonhole cat eye customers. It’s also a question of age. Currently, we see self-confident women who are willing to experiment go for these types of glasses. But that’s often the case with new tendencies and will probably level out at some point.

Will these glasses be worn as a fashion gimmick, or as serious everyday eyewear?
No, this is not a fashion gimmick. Cat eyes are among the classic basics of frame designs. Right now they are coming back in style, but not to an inflationary degree. The details determine the longevity, not the shape itself.

Are there differences regarding the geographic distribution of your customers? Is it more the urban fashionistas going for this style?
There are geographic spreads in as far as people in Germany have a different relationship with this style as their French neighbors. In France, this style never really died. That’s probably due to the perception of this shape itself. Germans will call it “bitchy,” the French regard it as feminine. There are some interesting conclusions to draw here. We chose to work with a very harmonious line around the eyebrows for our models. This takes out the “bitchiness” without losing any femininity.


What type of optician gravitates towards selling cat eye frames? Or are you mainly supplying these models to lifestyle stores?
Your classic boutique opticians, with a knack for banking on experiments are the clear trailblazers in terms of placing orders. These models are not solely cut out for full-on lifestyle stores.

Who was the most famous cat eye protagonist of all time?
Marilyn Monroe.

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