Exceptional circumstances
require extraordinary measures

We no longer need to emphasize that the year 2020 is difficult, different, challenging. Instead of pondering this, CAZAL has decided to take on new paths and set new standards. The Hip Hop-inspired Eyewear Brand tries to create new spheres of reality and overcome the barriers of time and space. How they do that? By immersing themselves and thereby us too in the lives of unique people from different cultures, but who all have one thing in common – their love for CAZAL!


The goal is to show the global diversity of CAZAL and to involve the eyewear community. In these times of social distancing, it is all the more important to strengthen social connections and spread positive vibes only! Thus, CAZAL’s idea was to show people of different ages, backgrounds or vita, but with the same mindset. They are authentic people with strong personalities who are legends in their own ways and lives. To pledge their love and dedication to CAZAL they stood in front of the camera, in their familiar surroundings, in front of their own screen. A cool idea that can be followed on Cazal’s Instagram account! And here is what “the Making of” looks like”…

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